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March 24, 25, 2018 - Subject: Painting in Pastel - Backgrounds -Snow, water, skies, meadows etc.

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Location: Studio in Sutter Creek, California

Workshop cost: $295
50% Deposit due upon booking.

(Click Buy Now to pay the 50% Deposit - $147.50)

I try to offer a class every year on how to paint backgrounds...and it always sells out fast!

The reason for this, and I hear it again and again, is that we all love to paint the animals but are unsure about how to do a finished painting including a background or setting. Without that other half of the painting, we just have a portrait and sometimes we want our paintings to tell a story and reach out to the viewer with something more.

The Background Class can include: snow, water, trees, clouds, grassy or flowery fields, the ocean...it goes on and on!

If this is something you would like help with, come to Sutter Creek and experience it's gold mining history, quaint towns and great shopping and restaurants...and paint with me!

Contact: Lesley Harrison at hkprints@aol.com
Office: 209-419-3122 (please leave a message if you don't get me right away and I will call you back)

Workshop runs from 10am - 4pm each day.

May 19 and 20th, 2018 - Subject: Painting in Pastel - Horse (In Ireland!}

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Location: Cork, Ireland

Times: Saturday, May 19-8 AM to 1 PM ; Sunday, May 20-8 AM to 1 PM

Workshop cost: $295
50% Deposit due upon booking.

(Click Buy Now to pay the 50% Deposit - $147.50)

Hi everyone, I'm excited and tickled to offer you an excuse to go to Ireland. You can come paint with me!

I've never been, have you? What better way to go then with a group of people that love creating together. Make new friends, paint together and go see the sights. Woo-hoo! I'm excited!

The workshop will be held May 19 and 20th, 2018 in Cork, Ireland.

Cork is in the south and is the second largest city in Ireland. It was founded in the sixth century by Catholic monks and is situated on the River Lee. It's a popular tourist destination and easily accessible from the Cork airport which is only 4 miles away.

There are three main airports in Ireland, Cork, Dublin and Shannon. Shannon is 160 miles away and Dublin is 80 miles away. So another option is to rent a car from Dublin or Shannon, and drive on down. I'm thinking that might be fun!

Once you get to Cork, assuming that you fly in to that airport, there is lots of ground transportation from the airport to the city via taxis, buses, shuttles and rental cars. But they even have Uber!

We are staying and painting at the Maryborough Hotel and Spa, a gorgeous hotel that Gemma found for us, an artist friend that lives in southern Ireland.

She will also be in our workshop! We'll be able to get to know her better, enjoy her accent...And she ours! Hopefully also have a lot of our questions answered about her beautiful country.

Ellis, at the Maryborough Hotel is holding a block of rooms under my name. So when you write to Ellis, the reservation and booking agent, tell her that you will be in the Lesley Harrison workshop, May 19 and 20th. The rooms are being held for us May 18th and checking out the 21st.

The rooms look beautiful and are 170 a night. That's for a single or a double. I usually get mostly women in my workshops, so there's always the option of sharing.

When I taught in Italy a couple of years ago, we toured afterwards and shared rooms and had a blast and made new friends.

I have reserved a conference room, called the Chestnut Suite for us to have our workshop in, right there on the grounds.

The hotel has its own restaurant, so you don't even have to leave the beautiful grounds if you don't want to.

This is so exciting as I write it!

The class is already half sold out, just from my excitedly talking about it in other workshops. So if you're thinking you might want to reserve a spot, call me on my cell at 209-419-3122 or you can send an email to hkprints@aol.com.

I'm designing the workshop so that we can have lunch after class each day and still have some daylight to go together or separately to explore.

And then of course if you can, come early and go home late. That's what my girlfriend and I are planning on doing!

Things To Do:

These are some of the things I want to see while I'm there. You can research via the Internet or in Guide Books and see what appeals to you. But let me share a couple of the things that I really want to do.

The Cliffs of Moher:
I've seen photographs of these cliffs for years and always wanted to see them. They are very close by and just a small drive. Aren't they magnificent?!

Blarney Castle:
And who can go to Southern Ireland without seeing Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone? So that is on my wish list too! And I found this online and thought it would be fun.

Foto Wildlife Park
One of the appeals to me is that they have this wonderful little Red Panda, also called a Fire Fox. I discovered them, years ago and loved painting them. They also have all the traditional animals too such as tigers and their babies, cheetahs, giraffes, on and on. It looks like a wonderful place to tour and photograph.

How to Pack: LOL, this is what Gemma has to say about the weather over there. She said: "It won't be so cold but it could be raining...constantly! In general, when you come to Ireland you bring a T-shirt, shorts, jeans and rain gear, sun hat, sunscreen and hat and gloves. We can get all types of weather in one day, so once you have all of these, you're good to go!"

More information about supplies and reservations will be forwarded to after you sign up. I hope you can come...I'm thinking it looks like a marvelous adventure! Love to share with you.

Contact: Lesley Harrison at hkprints@aol.com
Office: 209-419-3122

August 4, 5 2018 - Subject: Painting in Pastel - Big Cats

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Location: Studio in Sutter Creek, California

Workshop cost: $295
50% Deposit due upon booking.

(Click Buy Now to pay the 50% Deposit - $147.50)

Who isn't in awe of the Big Cats? (I love the little ones too!) They are fun to paint and make great subjects. I haven't chosen exactly WHICH Big Cat we'll be doing yet...Mountain lion? Leopard? Show Leopard? African Lion? Tiger? They are all fun and every time we paint together, we learn something fun, useful and new.

Contact: Lesley Harrison at hkprints@aol.com
Office: 209-419-3122 (please leave a message if you don't get me right away and I will call you back)

Workshop runs from 10am - 4pm each day.

I will be holding workshops, unless otherwise indicated, in the quaint Gold Rush town of Sutter Creek. Located just 45 min from Sacramento, in the California foothills, Sutter Creek has long been a charming tourist destination. Here you will find antique, gift and clothing stores, wine tasting, restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, and a hotel close by for the hours when not painting.

These workshops will be unique because of both the location and the size of the class. Students will get to see my working studio and offices along with the gallery of original paintings, some of which have not been released to the public. The class size is special because it is limited to only 8 students (most classes are filled at 20 students). This allows me to give each of you more individual attention and guidance.

These workshops are for all levels of students, from beginner to advanced. Come if you want to learn more about pastel, refine your work, learn new or different techniques or just have fun!

I will do short demonstrations of my painting a new image for you to follow. After each demonstration, you will go back to your easels to work on the painting. As you work, I will wander around the room to help you in the process. I want you to go home with a better understanding of my process and hopefully, a painting that makes you feel very happy.

Workshop fee will be posted as to each workshop, half of which is due as a deposit at the time of REGISTRATION. The remaining balance of the workshop is due 30 days prior to the date of your workshop.

Dear Lesley,
"You have not only provided constant wisdom regarding being an artist, but also the technique and inspiration that only a great artist can provide. You are a constant muse unto yourself. Thank you so much for your unselfish generosity in teaching your amazing discoveries in art."
V. L.

"My dear, dear Lesley...
I truly didn't expect to fall so madly for painting with pastels - I just knew your warm and generous nature would make this a wonderful learning experience! But now I adore pastels and maybe this will grow"
V. B.

What can I say but another great workshop!! I enjoyed it so much. I am hooked and I will be back. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift you have. You are truly an inspiration."
S. G.

This is my third workshop with you and I've learned so much in each workshop. Looking forward to more. You're priceless as an artist and person."
M. M.

"Lesley, each and every class is so very special. You are so dear a friend. I never laugh quite as much is when you're close by."" L. H.

For more information or to sign up please contact: Lesley Harrison at hkprints@aol.com

Office: 209-419-3122


Workshop students will need to book their own lodging in Sutter Creek, below are some nearby hotels:

Foxes B&B
Sutter Creek Inn B&B
Days Inn
Holiday Inn Express - Jackson, CA

View List of Lodgings Available in the Area

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