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Porcelain Mugs

Enjoy four unique Lesley Harrison equine paintings, on a beautifully designed and balanced set of porcelain mugs. Great for coffee with a friend, dinner parties or just to treat yourself to a nice cup of tea. Each mug presents a wonderful equine quote to help inspire your day. Sold individually or as a set. Set of 4 is $32.95. Individual Mugs are $8.95 each.

Set of Porcelain Mugs - click to view larger

Porcelain Mug Set
Set of 4 - $32.95 - (Includes Images Shown Above)
Special Price! $25.00

The Romantic - Porcelain Mug - click to view larger

The Romantic Individual Mug - $8.95
Quote: "To be loved by a horse, should fill us with awe, because we have not deserved." Marion Garetty

Mane Attraction Porcelain Mug - click to view larger

Mane Attraction Individual Mug - $8.95
Quote: "The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears" Arab Proverb

Wave Racers  Porcelain Mug - click to view larger

Wave Racers Individual Mug - $8.95
Quote: "And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath over it & created the horse." Bedouin Legend

Excalibur - Porcelain Mug - click to view larger

Excalibur Individual Mug - $8.95
Quote: "God forbid that I go to any heaven in which there are no horses." Robert B. Cunningham

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